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Beauty secrets of the Pahadi maiden enriched with nutrient rich bio-ingredients, hygienically & carefully bottled in recyclable & sustainable packaging from the Himalayas comes to you Amayra Naturals.

Infused with the ancient wisdom of their state grown plants like hemp, apricot & many more - they trace back the ingredient cycle to blend it with green actives, chemistry & energy.

These miraculous products from Uttarakhand to the world are vegan, non-toxic and gentle on your skin.

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Batti & Co., is a creator of artisanal & hand crafted bathing experiences. They are a bath boutique who chooses the traditional method of making bathing bars (battis) - Cold Process, simply because it creates the best quality battis. Passed down through generations, the cold process soap making method creates gentle battis that are cured over 4 to 6 weeks, produces a long-lasting bar with ultimate moisturization. The battis are handmade from locally sourced & unprocessed raw materials and are ideal to preserve the benefits of plant-derived butters & oils. They work very hard to formulate each recipe to suit a variety of Indian skin types. Dedicated to create a truly luxurious bathing experience with vegetable oils, fruit & seed butters, essential oils, herbs and botanicals, they have a range of battis with a wide variety to match your skin type, age, mood & even time of the day! In an effort to give you a complete and an indulgent bathing experience they have also added bath salts to their humble range. Handcrafted with lots of love, mineral rich salts, botanicals and essential oils to soothe your sore muscles, soften your skin and relax your senses!

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BLISCENT Luxury Skincare is a clean skin and hair care brand that brings to you products to re-awaken your senses along with your skin. Bliss & Care everyday!
Two best friends, Karishma and Shefali started the brand in 2014 with the sole purpose of creating clean skincare products for on-the-go women and men who love to take care of their skin without any fuss.
Using extremely select, minimal and unadulterated ingredients, BLISCENT’s main focus is to transport you into a blissful state of mind. The carefully formulated premium products strive to provide effective results that make you feel good and look great.
Their unisex products are formulated with pure and natural ingredients to provide healthy and beautiful skin for all ages and genders.


Cinnamon Soul is the culmination of all things we love and live by. Their products inspire and enable people to live a more conscious and mindful life, without trading off on those little self indulgent moments in our everyday self-care rituals.

They seek to redefine and bring back the simple luxuries in everyday rituals. From creating unique formulas, beautifully designed packaging, to being environmentally conscious of the ingredients used in their products, Cinnamon Soul celebrates the purity and infinite goodness in the life around us.


Disguise set out on a journey to discover what beauty means in its true, raw, imperfect and fun form. Driven by their need to redefine the beauty experience by creating cosmetics that celebrate real women, they created wallet-friendly, on-trend beauty experiences to give them the freedom to express themselves through every look, from bold to bare! The products are cruelty free with the best 100% vegan ingredients that are as natural as possible.


Esscent by Arpan is a line of premium flower-based incense sticks, cones and candles that is ready to capture the niche incense industry. Every year nearly eight tonnes of temple flower waste is dumped into water bodies, thus, largely affecting the ecosystem. Esscent has come up with an eco-friendly solution wherein luxury incense sticks, cones and candles are produced out of flower waste. These are hand-crafted and hand-poured by a group of specially-abled people.

An organic product which is made up of 60% flowers and is 100% charcoal free, these luxury incense sticks, cones and candles are available a variety of divine fragrances by a group of students from Shri Ram College of Commerce, Delhi University, who are looking at spreading awareness about their initiative.

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House Of Makeup is an all clean guilt-free beauty brand. They believe in the principle of ‘Beauty without Toxicity,’ and therefore create beauty products that don’t just look good but feel good as well.

All products are curated with the utmost precision and care to represent all skin tones. Moreover, all products are cruelty-free and contain no nasties, perfect for everyday wear.

Clean beauty is the labour of true love and House Of Makeup always put skin and health, first. Thus, bringing to you a product line that makes no compromises when it comes to quality and performance.


Joyous Beam Candles is a creative venture by two sisters, Priyanshi and Yashvi, who create handmade unique candles in jars and take pride in saying that the raw materials used by them are completely organic and non-toxic.

The entire process in creating them, from cutting the wick to packing the candle, is done by hand and examined 8 times.

They believe the entire burning life of a candle, should bring joy; whether it is by looking at the vibrant colours or the soothing fragrance of it that is therapeutic, meditational and relaxing.

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Leal set out on a journey with the aim to craft a luxurious experience for its community to unwind and unravel their true selves and redefine their skincare indulgences.

It symbolises "honest" & "loyal" and strives to help people achieve healthier, smoother skin in the most transparent manner.

The products are vegan & cruelty-free, mindfully created with effective plant-based formulations.

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Mozaati endeavors to enrich the rising women of today with affordable yet high quality jewelry. Their designs are essentially juxtaposed between graceful, elegant and edgy styles.

They always aspire to create jewellery which is highly versatile as they believe it is extremely personal with each woman having her own peculiar taste.

Mozaati brings to you Modern - Indian alloy based jewelry plated with 18kt gold, committed to exceptional craftsmanship making luxury styles accessible.

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Nature Therapy is a small batch producing vegan skincare brand, with the USP of blending 100% cold pressed oils to create luxurious but non-greasy formulas that are designed to be multipurpose and are made keeping in mind the #WomenOnTheGo. Their products have therapeutic benefits in addition to being skin pampering and nourishing.


Olixir is a new cold pressed oil brand, that believes in driving back the old and forgotten method of cold pressed oils.

Their range of gourmet oils are used to enhance your cooking experience with their authentic benefits.

Olixir's oils are 100% natural, vegetarian and made only by the cold pressing method. They have no artificial colours, artificial fragrance, hexane, argemone oil, petrochemicals, glycol or any other harmful additives in it.


Revóra Pure Organics brings to you the time-honoured tradition of Ayurveda into everyday life. Reconnecting with nature in its purest and most essential state, delivering highly effective products. With 100% pure & organic plant extracts and cold-pressed oils, their products are guaranteed to leave you feeling drenched in the beauty of nature.

All their products are made from herbs & plants that are organically grown in local fields and yielded when they are at their peak of maturity and the concentration of active ingredients is highest products are Handmade in India.

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SIMRASA Luxuries was founded with the aim of creating a maison of specially crafted, luxury hair products that are designed to make your mane look fabulous all day, everyday, so you can always bask in your crowning glory.

They create hair products that have an outstanding fusion between their knowledge of home ingredients and ingredients recommended by the industry experts.

SIMRASA Luxuries is about YOU owning your hair and YOU basking in all its crowning glory. When it comes to hair, they’ve got your back!

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Wearified is the brain child of Aanam C, a first generation blogger and highly awarded popular beauty content creator.

The ethos of the brand is 'The Democracy of Beauty'. Beauty needs to be for one and for all. Beauty needs to be whatever you make it out to be. Beauty can’t be set to any one standard. Beauty can’t have any rules. It is imperfect at most times. It’s deeply individualistic. It needs to be selfish. It’s more than a compliment. It needs to be a feeling. Beauty needs to be only about you.

Wearified is not just a brand. They hope to be your partner. An enabler. A mood maker. They hope to inspire you to create. To express. To feel. For yourself. To be a community that will try and change conversations about beauty through their products. Because their products are developed keeping the highest quality standards and usage experience in mind, nothing else. Their only aim is to make you feel the most confident, beautiful, enabled version of yourself. So that you can go out and proudly say #IAmWearified by me.


Anour- Treat YourSelf is a Bath and Body essentials brand.

Their story started with their love for using Paraben, Sulphate & Cruelty Free products.

Proudly made in India, Anour believes that ‘What you put on your skin, is as important as what you eat’.

Just as you carefully select the food you eat to nourish your body on the inside, they bring to you food to nourish your skin on the outside!

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Beaumark is a Millennial brand that is founded based on a mission of wiping away unattainable beauty standards.

Besides skin positivity, Beaumark aims to shed light on other aspects of the beauty industry like colourism and sustainable beauty which have received little attention in India.

Beaumark is created to be seen as more than just a brand, but as a platform to voice this change we so deeply need. You only ever need one voice to help others find theirs.

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Boss Lady Cosmetics is a makeup brand that understands the needs and trends of the millennial Indian. It is India’s first-ever cruelty-free, chemical-free, vegan, and sustainable makeup brand. They challenge the status quo and stimulate a mindset that inspires inclusiveness, kindness, gentleness. Boss Lady encourages its consumers to seek their definition of beauty, vanity, individualism. In an era where owning your identity is no more a crisis, Boss Lady boosts you to question the conventional way of life.

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Clay essentials is a homegrown wellness brand founded by Sneh Pagrani, simply out of her love for nature & conscious living, offering simple ingredient products made in small batches.

They are driven to create beneficial products by the traditional craft of botanical extraction without any kind of dilution with carefully sourced ingredients from their origin, ensuring that the farmers & workers are paid fairly.

Take an intoxicating journey with their curation of plant based aromatherapy essentials for effective and holistic healing of mind, body, face and hair.

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Elynn is a young bath and body care brand, focusing primarily on luxurious handcrafted products. They draw their inspiration from bathing rituals, traditions and indigenous ingredients around the world to create a bathing experience like never before.

All products are made in small batches with the freshest and highest possible quality of ingredients. The fragrances and essential oils are tested for use in skincare and bath and body care, and they use cold-pressed, unrefined oils and butters to create products that are highly nourishing for the skin.

As a brand they are very environment conscious, and try to use eco-friendly and recyclable packaging materials as much as possible. All their soaps are packed in food-grade wrappers and biodegradable plastic so their customers can enjoy the products without the guilt of polluting the environment with unnecessary plastic waste!

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Harkoi is a Clean Beauty brand with a mission to Fight Colorism.

Their products are formulated without known endocrine disruptors, carcinogens or irritants.

The brand aims to Fight Colorism not only through it's products,

but also communication by celebrating our various skin tones, and spreading awareness about Colorism in India.


Iktara makes eco-friendly living easier by bringing green alternatives closer to you. 

They stand by the philosophy that every living being and element on our planet Earth are connected by the single common thread of nature, and believe if we learn to live in sync, we can create some wonderful music together.

To make this possible Iktara creates products that help you make step-by-step lifestyle changes by offering practical and doable replacements that are sustainable.


Introducing Kaura an artisanal skincare and wellness brand founded in December 2018.

A sustainable and eco-friendly brand sourced from Indian farmers & Handmade in India.

They are the first to have introduced products in the Indian market such as whipped soap, bath freak-shake, solid body conditioner, unicorn whipped soap, and 2 in 1 candle that doubles as a massage oil, containing no artificial wax.


Through her journey, Samiya started to realize that having healthy skin is essential in order to feel confident.

In India where natural ingredients like Turmeric, Saffron, Honey, and Goat Milk are found in abundance, she learnt to utilize them in her skin care routine & used that as a foundation for the brand.

Lunarah strives to ensure that the products they create make you feel beautiful in your own skin.


Myra Veda is the world's first brand that combines exotic ingredients from different cultures around the world with ayurvedic botanicals sourced from India, untouched by chemicals.

They are a natural beauty brand with their cornerstones being sustainable and green beauty.

The brand believes in giving back to the environment by continuing to learn & follow the path of sustainability and moving towards zero waste.

Nature Trail.png

Nature Trail is a range of natural, organic and chemical free skincare products for women and men. Their products are 100% free from harsh chemicals, synthetic colours and fragrances. They work passionately to create formulations which are gentle, effective and safe for the entire family. Every product from Nature Trail is made in India while being vegan and cruelty free, and is made with natural, organic and safe ingredients.


Created by the scientists of Disguise Cosmetics, Over Dermis is India's first dermacosmetics range that is technologically advanced, smart skincare with encapsulated actives that work for Indian skin.

The formulations are safe, effective and beginner friendly, supported by the best of nature.

All Over Dermis Products are Vegan, Cruelty-Free, Toxin-Free, Lead-Free, Paraben-Free, Alcohol-Free and Sulphate-Free.

SARVAYU Logo Main.png

Sarvayu was founded by Ayurvedic Doctors with a simple idea, to deliver holistic food products that resolve the common concerns and challenges to achieving a Healthy Lifestyle. As Ayurvedic doctors, the founders believe that by following the principles of Ayurveda one can experience a complete state of Health.

The foods we consume are supposed to deliver nutrients to our body. But today, foods available in the market are processed or synthetically derived, and therefore lacking complete nourishment.

At Sarvayu, they aim to traditionally source pure ingredients from nature to deliver authentic products. Their products uphold strong values of integrity and impart benefits as per the traditional practices in Ayurveda.

All our products are quality reassured and assessed as per the Ayurvedic guidelines of Purity. They believe in supporting sustainable practices in every step, right from procuring their raw ingredients cultivated by Tribals from the Satpura hills to packaging it with minimal wastage and biodegradable materials aiming for a zero-waste policy.

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Drawing inspiration from nature, specially, colors, Suki Living aims to be the brand you turn to while looking for homeware that is effortless yet impactful.

Every product goes from design to reality under a watchful eye and is entirely made in India. The route towards sustainability ties into the brand ethos seamlessly through entirely biodegradable & reusable packaging aside from the product itself that can be used in a home for years to come.

The range is currently focused on tableware, while the aim is to shortly bring more additions for your home as a whole.

Join Suki Living on this journey of exploring homeware, one striking element at a time!

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Whitefire is a lifestyle brand which believes in celebrating the spirit of joie de vivre - joy of living.

All their candles are handpoured and made to order in India by local artisans using eco-friendly soy wax.

They hope that their range of products help add a little bit of extra spark in your everyday life.


Baene is a conscious beauty and hygiene expert brand. Brainchild of a mother-son duo, it is a mix of their imagination and reality, made with utmost love, paired with bubbles of thought to create luxury products for you. They know all too well how relaxing and soothing of an impact bathing can have and their products do just that, while being rich in minerals and essential oils to make your skin supple and fresh like new.

be bare blue.png

be. BARE is a brand that takes skincare back to its roots.

They bring back the luxury of imitating the skincare of generations before us by using superior ingredients.

Hand-picked natural ingredients ensure that their products are 100% free of toxic chemicals.

be. BARE has implemented sustainable measures throughout their manufacturing and selling process - from locally sourcing raw materials to plastic free packaging.


A Chennai based manufacturer of organic handmade soaps, Chennai Soap Company uses the traditional cold process method. They are dedicated to creating unique and natural cleansing experiences with extra virgin olive oil, along with other oils, herbs and botanicals which leave your skin totally nourished and moisturized. They have a range of soaps with different scents, beneficial herbs and botanicals to suit all needs, skin types and ages.  Chennai Soap Company products are organic and free from all synthetics, parabens, chemicals and preservatives.


At Diaan, candles are handmade in fresh batches with pure ingredients consisting of essential oils and soy wax.

Soy wax is an eco-friendly alternative to paraffin wax candles available in the market.

Fumes generated by soy wax candles are safer to inhale as it is a by-product of soybean oil.

Diaan aims to provide quality in their products and promises to deliver a happy customer experience one candle at a time.


Emaarat Home brings to you décor that is bound to make a luxurious statement in your home.

Made with all natural stones, each piece is unique to its own design.

Their products make for great gifts or to add sparkle to any occasion or party you host.

Modern and elegant all at once, Emaarat Home's collection will be sure to add a spectrum of colour and light up any room.

Herbs & Health Logo (Bottom 2).png

Herbs & Health is a contemporary Ayurveda brand striving to provide innovative solutions to their customers by bringing in the latest in environment-friendly technologies to their doorstep.

Their focus is on producing innovative, quality products through an amalgamation of Ayurvedic herbal ingredients and modern scientific technologies.

They believe that combining ancient ayurvedic science with modern technology and infusing their products with all the herbal goodness will result in a product that our community can most benefit from.


Indihive supplies honey straight from their own apiary without pasteurization, in different flavours and textures.

Specialising in 'Uniflora Honey' it has flavours that are naturally present in it and not infused by human intervention.

This is honey in its PURE and RAW form, unlike commercial honey which is pasteurised, and is blended to resemble the same texture and flavour through its batches. 


Lamina Care is a brand of luxury, with integrity and honesty as its cornerstones, offering you uncomplicated and comprehensible skincare products which are made to speak to your mind, body and soul for you to enjoy your moments of mindful relaxation.

The main inspiration behind their product line dates back to ancient recipes and methodologies. Lamina Care handcrafts products and keeps their traditional benefits intact, allowing you to integrate these luxurious and sensorial products into your everyday skincare routine.

Each of their products is mindfully handpicked, quality tested and crafted by skilled artisans in small batches with a strong commitment to luxury and undivided attention, to each product.

Maayer logo_Final_CTC-01.jpg

Maāyēr is the emotion we experience while recalling gifts of our mother's unconditional love. They celebrate the abundance of Mother Nature by bringing to you the best in natural ingredients and traditional techniques with a mission to make a difference in the lives of indigenous craftsmen and support local value chains.

Maāyēr grows with you towards adopting a sustainable life as opposed to simply buying sustainable products - their small way of beginning to give back what we have taken from Mother Nature.

Together let us all begin this journey towards living a healthier, fuller and more sustainable life.

mystique by anchal logo.jpg

Mystique by Anchal is a brand, where each piece is handmade keeping in mind the needs of modern day women.

Aesthetically designed, the unique colour combinations make each and every piece very special. Every piece is carefully handcrafted and is perfect to be adorned with Indian and western outfits.

Staying true to their core they try using stones and colours unseen in jewellery, presenting it in gorgeous works of wearable art.

Each jewellery piece is individually handcrafted with minor discrepancies between products of the same design, which Anchal believes adds to the authenticity of Mystique's jewellery.

Nehbelle Logo Original.png

Nehbelle Cosmetics has built its prestige with unique and quality driven products, that help you acheive healthy skin with a wide range of options in color cosmetics.

They ensure their products are formulated with skin safe ingredients that have been thoroughly researched and provide traditional benefits, while following modern beauty trends.

AYI Branding-11.png

Rashi Agrawal is a resin artist who leads an online handmade art store of all things home decor.

She specializes in creating beautiful modern functional art like coasters, trays, bowls, etc. that add a touch of uniqueness to one's home. She believes one's home & surroundings should reflect their personality, hence her passion is to make 'your home more you'. Each piece is created by hand with a lot of love and soul, one that can't be replicated a 100%!

Sharisa India Logo.jpg

Sharisa stands for fierceness. For the one who is brave enough to redefine the existing notion of beauty, everyday. Among multiple definitions of beauty, they choose yours. Following this philosophy, Sharisa India aims to become everyone's beautiful.

Together they are on a quest to unearth the Sharisa way of living; fueled with their love for nature, luxury and exclusivity.
The products are infused with essential oils which keep you close to your roots and closer to your natural skin with their utmost priority being quality ingredients that not only protect your skin but give you the confidence to wear makeup fearlessly.

Backed by research and real consumer insights, Sharisa India is a stepping stone to build a bias-free world. Their power of exclusivity and representation reflects in the products that have no age, gender, race or ethnicity bar. Sharisa India products are PETA certified vegan and animal test free as they believe a sustainable future is the only way of well-being today.

Tamra Botanicals Logo.png

Tamra Botanicals is a luxury skincare brand based in India. They take a 360° approach to skincare, beauty, and sustainability.

At Tamra Botanicals, they want to break the traditional notions of beauty and embrace the beauty in its natural form. Along with this, they aim to create sustainable and clean beauty the standard, not the exception.

They have incorporated “tamra” or “copper” owing to its ancient benefits which was forgotten in the fast-moving world.