About Simrasa Luxuries

SIMRASA Luxuries was founded with the aim of creating a maison of specially crafted, luxury hair products that are designed to make your mane look fabulous all day, everyday, so you can always bask in your crowning glory.

They create hair products that have an outstanding fusion between their knowledge of home ingredients and ingredients recommended by the industry experts.

SIMRASA Luxuries is about YOU owning your hair and YOU basking in all its crowning glory. When it comes to hair, they’ve got your back!

Simrasa Luxuries Hair Wrap


The SIMRASA hair wrap is specially created using a plant-based blend of the softest cotton that hugs your damp or wet hair with love and dries it without causing any damage unlike other regular towels.

Regular towels are harsh on wet hair and cause split-ends, frizz, dryness and reduce overall hair health.

SIMRASA has researched and picked the best blend of plant-based & ecological materials that are super gentle on your hair and do not cause breakage and split ends like regular towels do. 

Unlike plastic-based microfibre hair towels sold in the market, this hair wrap contains no plastic, is plant-based, ecological & bio-degradable. 

Protect the planet whilst protecting your hair.

Doesn't that make you feel like an ecological super-hero?

That's exactly what we thought!

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