About Nature Therapy

Nature Therapy is a small batch producing vegan skincare brand, with the USP of blending 100% cold pressed oils to create a luxurious but non-greasy formulas that are designed to be multipurpose and for #WomenOnTheGo with therapeutic benefits in addition to skin pampering and nourishing.

Nature Therapy Relief: Bath + Foot Salt Soak


Size: 150 gm

100% handmade with bergamot, rosemary + ylang ylang.

RELIEF blend is designed to relax the mind and reduce inflammation in the body, easing the muscles and pain. The bath salts are a blend of epsom salt, pink salt, real botanicals & flower petals, and essential oils.

Benefits: reduces inflammation, aches and sores.

Therapeutic benefits: boosts confidence + feeling of well being. 

Epsom Salt (magnesium sulphate): Heals + softens the skin, eases cramps and stiff joints, relieves irritation

Himalayan pink salt: helps reduce scaling, redness and skin irritations. Has antibacterial + anti-inflammatory properties

Bergamot: Uplifts low mood, is a natural antidepressant + stimulant. Increases blood circulation and gently cleanses the skin of excess oil. 

Rosemary: Relieves pain + boosts memory. An astringent that tones + cleanses the skin. Helps to clear the mind 

Ylang Ylang: Boosts the mood, reduces depression and alleviates anxiety 

Cold Pressed Coconut Oil: to provide moisturisation to the skin 

Soda bicarbonate: a small portion is added to soften the water

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