About Lamina Care

Lamina Care is a brand of luxury, with integrity and honesty as its cornerstones, offering you uncomplicated and comprehensible skincare products which are made to speak to your mind, body and soul for you to enjoy your moments of mindful relaxation.

The main inspiration behind their product line dates back to ancient recipes and methodologies. Lamina Care handcrafts products and keeps their traditional benefits intact, allowing you to integrate these luxurious and sensorial products into your everyday skincare routine.

Each of their products is mindfully handpicked, quality tested and crafted by skilled artisans in small batches with a strong commitment to luxury and undivided attention, to each product.

Lamina Care Jade Facial Roller


It is believed that the universe flows all the good things towards jade.

This gorgeous dual roller is a lightweight design curated for giving yourself therapeutic massage whilst watching tv or taking it along on your travels.

The larger roller rolls over cheeks, forehead and neck and smaller roller for lips, undereye and smaller areas.

Take time out of your busy life and indulge in a relaxing, calming and soothing massage with this authentic Jade roller by Lamina Care.


  • Massage daily to unify and restore radiance to your complexion
  • This holistic tool is enriched with minerals like magnesium, iron and oxygen which helps to remove dead skin cells promoting healing and reducing inflammation
  • A therapeutic way to revitalize complexion by increasing blood circulation
  • This cooling crystal wand has an ability to virtually eliminate under-eye bags and puffiness by promoting lymphatic drainage
  • Boost the effectiveness of serum, oil, moisturizer and help to penetrate deep layers of skin
  • Massaging this cold stone tightens the pores. It reduces the appearance of dark circles, blemishes and puffiness
  • It has beneficial effects on wound healing and improves the elasticity of the skin
  • Boosts collagen production and smoothens fine lines and wrinkles
  • Improved circulation from regular massage can make skin brighter and more awake
  • Channelizes positive energy, balances & reduces body tensions
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