About Sarvayu

Sarvayu was founded by Ayurvedic Doctors with a simple idea, to deliver holistic food products that resolve the common concerns and challenges to achieving a Healthy Lifestyle. As Ayurvedic doctors, the founders believe that by following the principles of Ayurveda one can experience a complete state of Health.

The foods we consume are supposed to deliver nutrients to our body. But today, foods available in the market are processed or synthetically derived, and therefore lacking complete nourishment.

At Sarvayu, they aim to traditionally source pure ingredients from nature to deliver authentic products. Their products uphold strong values of integrity and impart benefits as per the traditional practices in Ayurveda.

All our products are quality reassured and assessed as per the Ayurvedic guidelines of Purity. They believe in supporting sustainable practices in every step, right from procuring their raw ingredients cultivated by Tribals from the Satpura hills to packaging it with minimal wastage and biodegradable materials aiming for a zero-waste policy.

Sarvayu A2 Gir Cow Vedic Ghee


Sarvayu's A2 Gir Cow Vedic Ghee has been freshly made using A2 cow's milk that is free from antibiotics and hormones. The Bilona method of making this Ghee imparts sattvic qualities for good health.

Ghee made from curd using the Bilona Method, with 100% Traditional Ayurvedic Guidelines. Hand churned to ensure even consistency and fortify all the essential fats which boost metabolism, enhances vitality and strengthens the body.

Care is taken at every step to ensure Satvik qualities in this Ghee, right from Free grazing, Herbal grass fed and Ethically treated A2 Gir Cows whose milk is undertaken only once the calves are fed.

Freshly made in small batches to ensure the highest quality and potency for optimum health benefits. Free from antibiotics and hormones as well as no preservatives, adulterants or additives used. Only pure A2 Gir Cow Ghee which is fit for internal consumption such as with food, cooking, baking, along with Ayurvedic medicines as well as external application for body care such as body massage, nasal drops, head massage and so forth.

Curated by Vaidyas to ensure purity and safety guidelines followed at every step. Sarvayu supports the tribals of Satpura Hills, in interiors of Maharashtra and your every purchase is a deed for their better future.

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