About Lunarah

When Samiya was younger she thought makeup is something that every girl needs in order to look beautiful.

Through her journey, she started to realize that having healthy skin is essential in order to feel confident.

Living in India where natural ingredients like Turmeric, Saffron, Honey, and Goat Milk are found in abundance, she learnt to utilize them in her skin care routine & used that as a foundation for their brand.

They always strive to ensure that those who use their products end up feeling beautiful in their own skin. And this is what they create at Lunarah.

Lunarah Saffron Jelly


Size: 50 gm

The Saffron Jelly will help you in attaining hydrated, glowing and brighter skin. The main ingredient present in this face gel is Saffron which has the optimum property of protecting the skin from inflammation and blemishes.

It also boosts the production of healthy collagen in the skin tissues. All these main properties that it possesses makes it stand out in the immense crowd of best face jelly or gels in India.

It softens the skin without clogging pores. It also helps get rid of dirt, oil and other unwanted debris from deep skin pores giving you clean, clear and revived skin.

Saffron Jelly is a goopy jelly which is charged with 100% Iranian saffron.

A luxurious rejuvenating treatment that helps reverse the signs of aging. It will help with blood circulation, and it’ll lighten, hydrate and soften the skin leaving you with a fresh glow.

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