About Indihive

Indihive supplies honey straight from their own apiary without pasteurization, in different flavours and textures.

Specialising in 'Uniflora Honey' their honey has flavours that are naturally present in it, as the pollen and nectar are from the same flower providing it the taste, texture, flavour and properties of it.

These flavours are not infused/added by human intervention.

This is honey in its PURE and RAW form, unlike commercial honey which is pasteurised, and is blended to resemble the same texture and flavour through its batches. 

Indihive Acacia Honey (Small)


Size: 250 gm

Extracted from lush green wild babool trees on the Ghats of Chambal river, this honey is extremely special as it is from the most resilient tree.

Extracted when temperatures are exceeding 40 degree Celsius, which makes living in the jungle extremely difficult, Indihive Beekeepers draw out this honey at the optimum time to get the best quality.

Being rich in anti-aging properties it is highly regarded in ayurveda and has a low Glycemic index.

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