About Iktara Eco

Iktara makes eco-friendly living easier by bringing green alternatives closer to you. 

They stand by the philosophy that every living being and element on our planet Earth are connected by the single common thread of nature, and believe if we learn to live in sync, we can create some wonderful music together.

To make this possible Iktara creates products that help you make step-by-step lifestyle changes by offering practical and doable replacements that are sustainable.

Iktara Eco-Friendly Travel Gift Hamper With Beeswax Wrap


Iktara's eco-friendly Travel Gift Hamper With Beeswax Wrap includes:

  1. Beeswax wrap
  2. Seed handmade paper cover with a recycled paper notebook
  3. One cold processed soap bar (95 gm)
  4. 2 Adult Bamboo Toothbrush
  5. One Paper pen and One Paper pencil
  6. Spork
  7. One Steel straw with cleaner
  8. Travel cutlery pouch

Gift it to an earth-lover or just buy it for your ownself!

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