About Esscent by Arpan

Esscent by Arpan is a line of premium flower-based incense sticks, cones and candles that is ready to capture the niche incense industry.

Every year nearly eight tonnes of temple flower waste is dumped into water bodies, thus, largely affecting the ecosystem. Esscent has come up with an eco-friendly solution wherein luxury incense sticks, cones and candles are produced out of flower waste. These are hand-crafted and hand-poured by a group of specially-abled people.

An organic product which is made up of 60% flowers and is 100% charcoal free, these luxury incense sticks, cones and candles are available a variety of divine fragrances by a group of students from Shri Ram College of Commerce, Delhi University, who are looking at spreading awareness about their initiative.

Esscent Flower-Based Tea Tree Incense Cones


Made from upcycled waste flowers and 100% natural essential oils, Esscent incense cones are handcrafted by rural women and specially-abled people.

These are 100% charcoal free and are soaked in natural essential oils, making them the best stress-relievers.

Esscent 100% Organic Tea Tree Cones have cleansing properties to revitalise mind and body and support well-being.

Each box contains 30 Incense Cones and an oven-baked clay Incense holder. Each cone is 3.5cm long, having a long burning time of 30-35 minutes.

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