About Cinnamon Soul

Cinnamon Soul is the culmination of all things we love and live by. Their products inspire and enable people to live a more conscious and mindful life, without trading off on those little self indulgent moments in our everyday self-care rituals.

They seek to redefine and bring back the simple luxuries in everyday rituals. From creating unique formulas, beautifully designed packaging, to being environmentally conscious of the ingredients used in their products, Cinnamon Soul celebrates the purity and infinite goodness in the life around us.

Cinnamon Soul Super Seed Face Elixir Oil


Size: 20 ml

Your daily skin guardian & radiance booster, this Elixir improves skin elasticity, texture and overall health of your skin. Rich in essential fatty acid - Linoleic acid, which promotes ceremide synthesis, Cinnamon Soul's 'Elixir Oil' is an extremely lightweight, soothing oil that is created for all skin types, especially ideal for sensitive skin or anyone with a compromised skin barrier.

With superhero ingredients such as Milk Thistle Seed Oil, Squalane, Seabuckthorn Seed Oil and Broccoli Seed Oil - this elixir aids in cellular repair, balances sebum production and skin turnover, leaving you with healthier skin right from a cellular level.

Superhero ingredients in the formula:

Broccoli Seed Oil: praised as the natural alternative to silicone in skincare; high in skin-soothing fatty acids like Omega 6 and 9;  Rich in vitamin A, C and K as well as B vitamins.

Milk Thistle Seed Oil:  the active silymarin possesses anti-inflammatory,  antioxidant and skin-calming properties

Plum Oil: rich in vitamins A and E and polyphenols rich antioxidants. Plum oil is known to aid in cellular repair, balance sebum production and skin turnover.

Olive Squalane: improves skin at the cellular level

Seabuckthorn Seed Oil: contains a near 1:1 ratio of linolenic (Omega-3) and linoleic (Omega-6) acids and a high Vitamin E content along with high levels of carotenoids. This balanced composition of fatty acids are known to help dry, flaky and ageing skin

Skin Type: For all Skin types.

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