About Chennai Soap Company

A Chennai based manufacturer of organic handmade soaps, Chennai Soap Company uses the traditional cold process method.

They are dedicated to creating unique and natural cleansing experiences with extra virgin olive oil, along with other oils, herbs and botanicals which leave your skin totally nourished and moisturised.

They have a range of soaps with different scents, beneficial herbs and botanicals to suit all needs, skin types and ages.

Chennai Soap Company products are organic and free from all synthetics, parabens, chemicals and preservatives.

Chennai Soap Company Coconut Milk Soap


Size: 100 gm

Best quality Kerala extra virgin coconut oil is used made from boiling coconut milk (not copra or dried coconut). The benefits of coconut milk on skin are highly renowned.

This Coconut Milk Soap cleanses the skin deeply and moisturizes it thoroughly, improving skin conditions such as dryness, psoriasis, dermatitis and eczema.

It wards off acne, cures skin infections, heals skin damages and keeps the signs of aging at bay.

Coconut Milk Soap must be a part of your beauty regime and is recommended for all skin types. Lemon essential oil in this formulation adds to the benefits.

For all skin types and ages, even suitable for babies.

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